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Fighting and protecting against money laundering

On the marketplace Bitnex any type of money laundering is prohibited. Violations of the terms of use of the trading platform will result in strict opposition. The company operates in accordance with the terms and conditions of the British Joint Steering Group for the Coordination of Currency Legalization, which is part of the International Association for Combating Criminal Proceeds and the Allocation of Terrorist Currency (FATF).

Company Bitnex guarantees the safety of its customers:

The processes that make up the legalization of funds:



Creating trading accounts is considered one of the ways to legalize illegally earned funds and hide their real owner, as well as the source of his income. In the process of combating such turnovers of funds, the company sends funds that have been withdrawn to the client in the same way that they came to the site. Worldwide anti-money laundering regulations require legitimate trading platforms to take steps to prevent, detect and eliminate potentially strange transactions. Bitnex is committed to maintaining and protecting trading platforms and its own clients.