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Bitnex has implemented the most effective bonus program. Our clients receive a stable amount in accordance with the amount of investment, as well as the type of trader's account. The bonus is credited to your account to the amount of the deposit, after which it is subject to integral processing.

          How to calculate processing?

The whole way of receiving bonuses to customer accounts is accompanied by the work of the Bitnex administration, as well as the coordination of the financial department. You, as a client of the company, can apply for withdrawal of funds absolutely at any time! In the event that the bonuses have not been worked out as calculated, the bonuses and the amount of benefit from the bonuses will be deducted from the amount of your deposit. Thus, the client can close his account at any time and use all the funds that will remain on his deposit account after deducting the unused bonus.

Clients have a number of rights to use all the benefits, according to the bonus program in a legitimate manner.  In a situation where the actions of the client give reason to suspect him of non-compliance with the rules of trade or forgery, the company reserves the right to destroy bonuses, shares and privileges that were or were required to be issued to the client.

Any attempts to abuse the rules of trading, dishonest trading or suspected attempts to launder funds obtained by criminal means  give the company the right to immediately close all trader's accounts.