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The most reliable and secure bitcoin savings are hardware wallets. Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity and today there is an acute question in choosing the best hardware wallet. Consider the pros and cons, choose the best one.

What is the cost of hardware wallets and where can I get them?

Trezor and Ledger are companies that have already shown their best side in the market. They are advanced, their products are used by the majority of investors. These companies have a whole list of products for safe storage of bitcoins.

To date, Trezor has proven to be one of the most secure organizations against hackers. Purchasing a wallet from this company will vary in amount from $100. The only thing is, be careful and make a purchase only from an official company or from a trusted intermediary.

However, if you have problems buying such a wallet, then you can find an alternative. It is quite possible to create a hardware wallet from your flash drive. It is advisable to use several flash drives to ensure reliability.

A reliable device for cold storage of cryptocurrency can be an old phone with a paper or software wallet. It will be enough to write data for recovery, after that the device can be stored offline.

Which cryptocurrency wallet is better to choose?


Waterproof, durable, secure wallets are available in black or white. The company's products are also equipped with a small display that helps to see confirmation of the transaction data, password manager, authorizations. Trezor wallets can store currencies such as BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC and 19 other cryptocurrencies, as well as ERC20 tokens.

Ledger Nano S

These wallets are definitely the cheapest on the market, and they also have a display and a button to confirm transactions. Hardware wallets can store BTC, ETH currencies. In addition to the Nano S model, the company also produces Blue corporate wallets. These devices have an extended screen and additional features. The price of Ledger Blue is over $300.

Keep Key

The company is not so well-known, but of high quality. Keep Key wallets support the storage of such currencies as BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE. The devices have the function of exchanging cryptocurrency on exchanges using Shapeshift technologies. It is possible to make a purchase of this device by advance order and the price is approximately $130.


The manufacturer is known for using technology from the military industry. The company offers wallets with the highest level of protection - Extreme Privacy. Wallets differ from others in that they do not use a USB connection, but Bluetooth. They look like a thin smart card. The price varies from $100.  These wallets can only store one BTC currency so far, but the manufacturers promise to fix this situation.

Digital Bitbox

Wallets do not have a display. Digital Bitbox can fit a micro SD card. They support the Tor network, which provides increased anonymity, as well as the built-in Tails operating system, which helps maintain increased immunity to hacking. The devices have a lot of features. Produced in Switzerland. The price is approximately $70.


All devices have been tested by millions of users, but do not forget to follow the news of manufacturing companies. Quite often there are failures in the process of using the wallet and the sites give instructions on how to eliminate them. Hardware wallets will give you the opportunity to manage your funds independently, regardless of services and platforms.  The security of storing currency only half depends on the functionality of the wallet and the quality of the product, and the rest on the responsibility and caution of the owner.